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Winner of CNBC Khiladi #1
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Options Masterclass

One investment for all market conditions. Works for everyone



Prashant's Secrets of Options Buying

Strategies and tactics to making money using options



Seven Wonders

One investment for all market conditions. Works for everyone




One investment for all market conditions. Works for everyone



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Nikunj Devnani

Investment Banker

"Trading is not only a way to earn income but also learning human emotions in the market. Catalyst Wealth, and especially Prashant, have helped me immensely through the journey."

Dr Neha Chhasatia


"Prashant busted my myth that trading is gambling. He proved that it is scientific and methodical. His teachings have actually helped in other parts of life and led to significant breakthroughs."

Anvay Bhole


"Prashant has been an integral part of my trading journey. The unique element is that Prashant has made trading so easy. He has made a tremendous difference to a lot of people in this industry."


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Why Stock Markets


Financial Growth At Convenience

Earn a parallel and reliable source of consistent monthly income right from your home.

Savings Mode To Investing Mode

​Right stock investments can exponentially grow your money.

Recession Proof

The only business that survived and flourished is 'The Stock Market'.

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With minimum investment, multifold returns & liberty of time, it is one of the 'Best Business Model In The World'.

Catalyst Wealth Is The Secret To Your Trading Success

It’s the difference between the 1,929,999,999 traders that don’t make money, and the 1% that do!

Without Catalyst Wealth

  • Trading Confusion
  • No Strategy
  • No Support or Guidance
  • Sadness

With Catalyst Wealth

  • Trading Rules
  • Entry and Exit Strategy
  • Expert Guidance
  • Happiness

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Catalyst Wealth Programs

We train people how to use simple Technical Analysis to make regular income in the Stock Market and to build exponential wealth.

We have designed our Program in such a way that an experienced Software Engineer or a Homemaker, a Lawyer or a Doctor – anyone can learn and Trade/Invest efficiently.

A person only needs to know how to use a computer or a mobile phone to master this art.

But That’s Not All Catalyst Wealth Does...

Catalyst Wealth Gives YouAll the Knowledge, Strategies, and Mindset YouNeed to Trade - Equities, Futures, Options, Currencies andCommodities.

All Under One Roof!

For Beginners........

Options Masterclass

In only 20 minutes a day for 5 days, you will start your journey towards financial freedom using options..

With Yes, I can Trade, you can...
  • The program is for beginners to put you on the path to financial freedom through the stock market
  • The program includes live sessions, daily videos and assessments
  • The program includes live sessions, daily videos and assessments
For Option Traders

Options Mastery

Advanced Strategies and tactics to making money using options as both a seller and buyer of options. This is an advanced program aiming to teach mastery of options trading

With Options Mystery, you can...
  • Access the Options Market and trade Options Strategies efficiently and profitably
  • Explore all the factors that determine an Option's Price
  • Master the most widely used Options Strategies
  • Use Option Greeks
Trading Strategies

Seven Wonders of Trading

Seven Wonders of Trading is a unique masterpiece in the trading world. It has strategies for traders, Investors and portfolios.

With Seven Wonders of Trading, you can...
  • This program covers Equity, Futures, Stock Options, Index Options and Currency as well
  • The course will provide 7 expert strategies coving 600 minutes of expert, in-depth training on how to initiate your trading career
  • Besides the 7 main wonders, the additional benefits include live support, guidance and bonus strategies
For Trading Experts


Tradethon is a unique program that helps the participant learn and master different strategies to be used in different market conditions.

With Tradethon, you can...
  • Tradethon’s 3 stage process will help you build confidence and trust in yourself to operate in any market condition (Up/Down/Sideways) with the right set of tools
  • Focus on price action, momentum, and volatility
  • Live trading sessions to show implementation of the strategies
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • For whom is program meant for?

    We have hand-selected a small group of highly qualified tutors and counsellors who have mastery over teaching and helping students in the university admissions process. Our tutors and counsellors also need to have significant previous teaching and/or counseling experience and be very gifted, dynamic teachers.

  • What if I don’t know how to read a chart?

    We will guide you from the basic opening of a chart and analysing the same based on the strategies you will learn in our programs. Also, we will guide you in taking a trade and the way to manage it.

  • I have been trading for a while now, how can this course help me?

    Our programs will move you from news / tips-based way of trading to simple process driven trading, which will help you in achieving consistent returns.